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Job opening:
Graphic Designer/Web Graphic Designer

Job summary

Design web pages, logos, advertisement banners etc using software like Adobe's Creative Suite—including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. S/he will be responsible with creating a graphic representation of a website including logos, images, fonts as well as textual elements based on the ideas of clients, the team, and several stakeholders as well as assisting web developers in translating the graphics. In some cases, may write the website’s html/css/js code.



  • Design and Layout Page Elements, designing and placing elements on a web page, which can include logos and images as well as textual elements.
  • Edit Images for Websites that are used on websites involving resizing and cropping images, correcting colors, and ensuring that images are correctly formatted and optimized for mobile and desktop web browsers.
  • Create images from scratch and save them as vector images that can be repurposed throughout the site.
  • Meet with clients to determine website specifications and collaborate on its overall design and aesthetic. During this process, the web graphic designer may create sketches showing the overall flow of each page and ask questions regarding image placement, font choices, and other elements that will contribute to the look of the pages and drive user engagement.
  • Collaborate with Developers web graphic designers and work closely with developers to ensure that front-end and back-end elements work together as expected. Provide notes on usability and functionality from the client and discuss how to integrate the client’s needs with back-end technologies and functions while also determining how the pages architecture will work with elements like images, text, and navigation menus.
  • Test websites for usability and ensure that page elements are present and functional when the site goes live. Load the website in a number of different browsers to ensure that the look of the page is consistent in all of them and access the site on a phone or tablet to ensure that it is readable and functional on mobile browsers.


Job requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of graphic design using latest software’s
  • Required education: Degree or diploma in Graphic design, IT or any related field
  • Proof of knowledge of design.
  • Attention to great details in design.

What we offer

  • Interesting work for international clients
  • A great international team with employees in both Kenya and The Netherlands
  • A modern and quiet work environment
  • A market rate salary


About Blueweb Technologies
Blueweb Technologies is a company with 13 employees working from Police Sacco plaza in Nairobi. We provide search engine optimization and software development services for clients in Europe. Most of our clients are based in The Netherlands. See for more information about us.

How to apply
When you are interested you can apply via We do not accept applications via email. The closing date is the 3rd of January 2021. In case of any questions you can contact Richard via